My holiday

2017-10-22 创新作文

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< G src="http:// /zuo en/ d tor/ mages/emot /emot .g f">                                       Y H L D Y                              

                         ay Day s com ng. ’m so happy because my father and my mother take me to u uan Park th s hol day.
   n the park, see many trees and beaut ful flo ers. There are many ch ldren and many happy play ng games, too. 
   y parents take me to the zoo. There are l ons, t gers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. l ke the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. Ho lovely they are! 
   have a good t me that day. hat a beaut ful and happy hol day.

  ome on!!!!!!!!!  Say you ay Day  for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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