My Family

2018-01-23 创新作文

My Family

I have a happy family. There are six people in my family.They are my grandparents, my parents, my sister and I.We live in Beijing now.

I am 13 years old. My sister is 7 years old. I am 6 years older than her.I'm a student. I study in the Hong Xing Junior High School. I am in the Class seven, Grade seven. I study very well. The teachers all like me.My sister study in Class two  Grade one. She is good at drawing. She likes pink.

My parents work in Beijing,too. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. He likes reading newspapers. My mother is a teacher. She teaches English in our school. She is very friendly. Her students all like her.

My grandparents live with us.They like to drink tea very much. They have a cat at home. It is very cute. It is grey and white. It likes to eat fish. They are very happy.

My family go outside for a picnic every Sundays. We bring some food and drinks. Such as bread, cookies juice and tea.

I love my family.

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