2017-10-28 大学英语作文

  We humans are social creatures and whilst some of us are more introverted than others (we shun the spotlight) we all still need and crave the respect, admiration and approval of our peers and this is a fundamental need which is possessed by all humans regardless of status in life, personal wealth or power. We are all eager to make our mark on the world, to stand out and allow our individuality to show clearly and prominently and this is why funny t-shirts are so popular because it places us firmly in control.

  Many of us feel the need to conform with our peer group and so purchase and wear exactly the same apparel as them meaning that our individuality and personal freedom is sorely restricted indeed. Funny t-shirts provide us with a convenient escape plan meaning that we can have our cake and eat it.

  The bitter irony about being human is that whilst we are social creatures and therefore need social interaction in order to thrive and survive, we make things extremely difficult upon ourselves by imposing long winded and arduous obstacles and rituals. The number of rules of etiquette and methods of behaving in different social situations is large and complex indeed and it is little wonder then that many of us are left out on a limb whenever we meet someone new. Both parties have to fight the natural urge to spend the entire conversation talking about themselves, lest they appear too self-absorbed or impolite whilst at the same time professing to enjoy what the other person has to say even when they so clearly do not.

  Funny t-shirts are an excellent way to "break the ice" in any social context, whether it is a party, family get together or even a date. It provides common, emotionally neutral ground upon which both parties can meet, and provides a convenient talking point for them both, from there, more substantial and meaningful conversation can be achieved. On that basis then, funny t-shirts can be fairly described as the necessary catalyst which will help lubricate the final success of any social interaction and so whilst the purchase of funny t-shirts maybe little more than a impulse purchase for most people, they serve an extremely beneficial and strategic role in the long term.

  People who are contemplating purchasing funny t-shirts raise the question: "what if my date does not get the joke, or otherwise find it not that funny?"

  Just because your date doesn't appreciate your particular brand of humor does not mean that the date is a total loss, after all if they take an interest in your T-shirt (for example asking for an explanation of what the joke/significance of it is) this means that again, the ice is broken. Funny t-shirts are also the ideal gift for someone because they are so personal and individualistic, serving to accurately and effectively representing and conveying the personality of the wearer in a more graphical and overt form.


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