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2017-10-28 高考英语作文

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    There is a beautiful school in the Shanghai West suburbs----Qingpu senior high middle school. She covers an area of simple more than 150 mu. And it is one of the lodge senior middle schools in Shanghai. That is my school, my family.

    Judging by her system, it is not hard for us to know, every student who studies in the school should live at school. Really so, I live at school all the day.

    Our school is a modern senior middle school .In each classroom there is a computer which controls a projector. It is the paperless teaching that the teacher attends class. Students dive into it completely.

    The environment in the school is also the most. There is a river in the school side. And water in river is limpid, in which there is several small fish and some shrimps etc.

   The gym installations of our school are complete. She not only has a tartan track, a basketball court and a football field, but also has a tennis field ,a shuttlecock field ,a table tennis house and gymnasium etc . Everything needed is there.

   This is my school, my family.

   I love my school, and I love my family!

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