I want to talk about our college考研英语

2017-10-28 考研英语作文

  Standing under tne same blue sky,we have the same campus of college,but we have different life styles.As we know,having no two leafs are same in the world.Nextly,I want to talk about our college----How do we treat our life of college,and what will we do for our college life?

  “Imagination is more important than knowledge”,said Einstein.Yet many people have ignored this fact for too many years.The college is a colorful stage on which we can show ourselves freely and effectively.

  The birds fly in the sky freely,and the gentle wind flows around our faces.Our college compus is full of color of the sunshine.However,how should we make college life more perfect and more interesting?

  Different people have different life styles,it’s a fact that we all aceept and we all agree.Therefore,each person’s college life is different and individual.Some people maybe make it meaningful,some people maybe make it lovely,some people maybe make it positive,some people maybe make it boring and so on.What do you think of your college life in the future?

  Being students,there’s no mistake forever that listening teachers’ words carefully on classess and answering teachers’questions and turning in assignment on time which teachers give us.

  A teacher might have many or few students in a class.Whatever the number,there’s usually one student form the groop stands out as being special.No matter how difficult a teachers’question,that one special student seems to know the answer.And no matter when a paper must be given to the teacher,that one special student is able to turn in his assignment on time and without a single mistake.

  Anyway,as college students,we all hope that we don’t get behind.However,the problem of studying is hard enough to start with because one major problem in school comes from the amount of other things;there’s so much to do that we may not know what to do frist.Most people mght want to do the easiest thing first,but that is not a bad idea.

  B:Always do what’s most difficult first,just to get it out of the way.It’s probably the thing that needs more of our energy.And if we do it first,we need put more energy into it.

  What I want to say is that we will become a failure if we always avoid difficulty.Meeting trouble,we should keep smiling on our face and owing courage to deal with it.It’s necessary that we should take part in group action in order to practice ourselves.

  Throughout our life at school,we will take thousands of tests,but we don’t often stop to consider good test taking.Firstly,we should read the whole test quickly .Secondly we need focus our attention,keeping our concentration on the problems we know best,answering quickly because we are confident.These tests aren’t just tests of our books,and it is also the tests of our life.

  The college life maybe not suit you ,but you must change youself in order to suit the life around you.There’s no denying that we will meet many difficulties in our way.It’s just the moment that we should ask for help to others.Asking successful students around us,I believe it is likely to profit us.

  If we should ask successful students around us,we willl find more useful ways.Learning from others,and use their ways to change our own studies.If we do so,we are sure to improve our performance at our college compus.After some time passess,we may find that we are the special one and our college life will be more wonderful.

  There are a number of ways to reach college success,certainly we are happy with getting friends,and some of us might be concerned about becoming a more lonely person.But when we are at college,our focus is on achievng success.This is because we know how important college success is.We all hope to get a good joy after we graduate.

  If we really want to get a good job,then we must treat our seed of college carefully.Let’s treat our college life with confidence.

  The college is beautiful,hoping your college life more wonderful,at the same time,hoping your tomorrow more meaningful.

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