young pioneer初二英语作文

2017-10-11 初二年级英语作文

  Wang Lin is a Young Pioneer. It seems to me that he is a very ordinary student. He is tall and thin. He is a boy of few words. But we all know he is quite good at English and Chinese.

  Last week a woman came to our school. She came to thank Wang Lin. The woman is Li Qiangs mother. This is the story she told us.

  A year ago, my son, Li Qiang, was seriously ill. He was so ill that he couldnt go to school. When Wang Lin learned it from the newspaper, he decided to do something to help my son.

  He kept visiting my son and encouraged him. He helped him with his lessons once a week. They made good friends. With the help of Wang Lin, Li Qiang didnt feel lonely any more. Now Li Qiang has recovered. I am quite grateful to the boy for his kind help.

  What a good Young Pioneer he is!

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young pioneer初二英语作文

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