Wonderful Class高一英语作文

2017-10-11 高一年级英语作文

  Hello, everyone. I’m Liang Xinying. I’m from 0406. I think our class is the best class in our school. I don’t know what you think about 0406. Never mind, let me tell you about 0406. I’m sure you will love it!

  Look, what a nice classroom it is! You can see some beautiful pictures on the wall. Can you see the tidy floor? If you go into the classroom of 0406, you will feel very comfortable. The students in 0406 are very friendly. The boys are clever and helpful. They like sports very much, because they know more exercise is good for them. They are all very healthy. The girls in 0406 are very hard-working and careful. They like reading very much. Sometimes, they like chatting with each other and talking about stars. They have lots of things to do all day, so they are very busy. They also like exercising. They think that it’s also important for girls to exercise. Look! Who are they? Oh, they are the teachers of 0406. I think they know everything. They love their students and work hard all day. We all love them too. Oh, what a great class it is!

  What nice students! What funny teachers! What a nice classroom!

  Dear friend, now Do you know 0406? Do you love 0406, too? What do you think of 0406?

  I think, you must love it very much, right?

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Wonderful Class高一英语作文


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