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  无论在学习、工作或是生活中,大家都写过作文,肯定对各类作文都很熟悉吧,作文是一种言语活动,具有高度的综合性和创造性。那么,怎么去写作文呢?下面是小编整理的my dog英语作文,欢迎大家分享。

my dog英语作文1

  I have a lovely dog. He has white fur and four small paws.

  I love his ears best, because his ears are round and big. He always lies near my lap to sleep. He is friendly and quiet.

  I never frighten him or pull his small tail. If he is hungry, he will bark at me.

  Usually, he eats dog food from a tin, but his favorite food is meat. He always plays with stricks. I feed my dog every day and give him clean water.

  Usually, I wash his fur every day and he enjoys it very much. I love my dog very much. I think he is my good friend. I will look after him until the end.

my dog英语作文2

  She is really my good friend.I love her.

  Look, this is my pet dog "Dou Dou". What a lovely dog it is!

  It has some white and black fur、two big eyes and a small nose and a big mouth.

  It looks very cute and active. It can eat a lot of food, but it is not very fat.

  It often runs to kitchen and living room. It always drink water. I love my pet dog very much. I often play with it. I’m very happy!

my dog英语作文3

  我的狗狗(My Dog)

  I have a dog. Its name is Doggy. I like it.

  Doggy has two big eyes, two small ears, a big nose and a small mouth. Its black and white. It has a short tail. Its cute and lovely.

  Doggy is strong. It likes bones, rice and meat very much. My dog is lazy. It can catch a ball. I love my dog very much.





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