2018-05-07 初中英语作文


My name is Leo,I'm 13. I'm is a middle school student. I like play basketball very much . So, I playing basketball in school now. I usually go to school by bus. I eat lunch is in school, because my mom don't at home. My father is a teacher, he teach English for me.

This is me. What about you?


  My name is XXX. I study in No.2 Middle school. My favourite subject is English. Because I think it is very easy and we can talik with foreigners by it.But I don't like Maths,it's not easy at all.

  I am not good at it. I am good at Music,so I like it, too.

  Do you think so?





1.My Family And My Flat

2.My School--My Home

3.My mother

4.My dad

5.My friend

6.My name is

7.My family

8.My school

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