Don’t Lose Your Courage

2017-11-02 高中英语作文

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  1. 上高一的`第一天;

  2. 英语老师刘老师面带微笑进入教室;

  3. 她自我介绍,应称呼她Miss Liu,而非Teacher Liu;

  4. 要求我们每人到教室前自我介绍;

  5. 我又怕又羞难以启齿;

  6. 老师鼓励我,我讲得很好;

  7. 难忘的第一节课;

  8. 实践出真知。遇到困难不能灰心丧气。


  1. 词数100~140;

  2. 不要逐字翻译提示,可适当增加细节使文章连贯。

Don’t Lose Your Courage

  Never shall I forget the first English lesson given by Miss Liu. On that day, hen she entered the classroom, e found that she as a young and beautiful lady ith a big smile on her face. Then she introduced herself saying that e should call her Miss Liu instead of Teacher Liu, a moment later, she let all of us go to the blackboard and say something about ourselves in English in turn. When it as my turn, I felt so shy and fearful that I didn’t dare to say a ord before the class. She came up to me and said kindly, “Don’t be afraid. I believe you can do it. Come and have a try.” My face turned red hen I heard that. At last, I t to the blackboard and as able to do it quite ell. She praised for hat I had done. Up to no , I can still remember her ords in the first English lesson: “Practice makes perfect. Don’t lose your courage hen you meet ith difficulties. Try on and on until you succeed.”

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