2017-09-02 中考英语作文

  1、 日记







  Sunday, May 1st

  I got to school very early. Our class took a special bus to Xisai Mount. We got to

  the foot of the mount at 8:30.We began climbing the mount soon. On our way the air was so fresh and the scenery was so beautiful. Everybody was talking and laughing.We reached the top at about 10:00. The Yangtze River appeared in the north, and over

  the river there was a great bridge. We felt very relaxed. Seeing some birds flying in

  the sky, I suddenly remembered a popular poem of Tang dynasty. Birds are flying

  in front of Xisai Mount ,. I kept feeling proud of our city.

  2、 邀请信



  Dear Jane,

  Id like to invite you to join my birthday party. Next Monday is my birthday. My parents will hold a party for me at home. It will begin at half past six. Im looking forward to seeing you soon.

  Sincerely yours,


  3、 感谢信

  Jenny 邀请Jane在星期一参加生日晚会。但是Jane 那天晚上要参加数学考试,没时间去。请帮Jane写一封信表示感谢,她同时送上一份礼物,以示祝贺。时间是5月20日。


  Dear Jenny,

  I'm glad to hear your good news. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. But I'm afraid I can't come. Because I'll have a math exam on Monday evening. Here is a gift for you. I hope you will love it.

  Happy birthday!

  Sincerely yours,


  4、 书信



  Dear David,

  I'm glad to hear that you will come to Beijing to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many foreigners are learning it now. It is difficult for you because it is quite different from English. You have to remember as many Chinese words as possible. It is also important to do some reading and writing. You can watch TV and listen to the radio to practice your listening. Do your best to talk with people in Chinese. You can learn Chinese not only from books but also from people around you. If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm sure you will learn Chinese well.

  Hope to see you soon in Beijing.


  Wang Ming

  5、 发言稿

  假定你班今天下午要开一次以Keep Our School Clean为主题的英语班会,请以班长的身份准备一篇70词左右的发言稿。


  Good afternoon, everyone!

  We're studying in this school. It's our duty to keep it clean and tidy. It's not polite to spit in public places, such as in the library, in the classroom. We should neither draw pictures on the walls nor throw any litter onto the ground. I think we must make it a rule to do some cleaning every day. If everyone tries his best to do something useful for our school will be more beautiful.

  That's all. Thank you!

  6、 通知

  A. 明天(星期五)全班同学将去参观科学博物馆(the Science Museum),由你(班长)通知全体同学。(通知的开头和结尾已给出)内容如下:

  1. 早上8点钟在校门口集合,步行前往。

  2. 下星期一交一份有关参观的报告。

  3. 参观时要认真听,仔细看并记下有趣的东西。

  4. 不可在博物馆内大声喧哗及拍照。

  5. 带笔和笔记本。




  Fellow students,

  We are going to visit the Science Museum tomorrow. We will meet at the school gate at eight in the morning and we will go there on foot. Take your pens and notebooks with you. We should listen and watch carefully and write down something interesting when you visit the museum. Please don't make any noise in the museum and don't take any pictures. You will have to hand in a report about the visit next Monday.

  Thank you.

  B. 请你以校长室的名义拟写一个书面通知,告诉同学们明天去参加植树活动。



  Tomorrow is Tree Planting Day.It is warm .You will have no classes.We shall plant trees in the park.We will meet at the school gate at 8:00 in the morning and go there by bike. We will have lunch

  there.Please bring some water and food with you.Don't be late.

  Headmaster Office


  7、 启事(寻物和招领)

  A. 假设你叫高迪,是高一(2)班的学生。你在10月16日晚上把一本《牛津高级英汉双解字典》丢在阅览室里,用英语写一则寻物启事,贴在餐厅前的留言板上,请捡到者交给你或你班班长。启事时间:10月17日


  October 17th

  On the evening of October 16th, I left my Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary in the reading-room. It is new. Will the finder please send it to me in Class Two, senior Grade One or to our monitor? Thank you very much.

  Gao Di

  B. 玛丽捡到戒指一枚,她在宿舍门口贴了一张非常简单的失物招领。她的电话是235-0285。请写出这一启事。

  8、 广告


  Come to, T-shirts ($5, in all colors), sweaters ($17, orange), shoes ($12, green), cheap

  Come to Peter's Clothing Store. Do you like T-shirts? Do you like them cheap? We have T-shirts in all colors at $5 each. Do you need sweaters and shoes? We have orange sweaters for just $17! And green shoes for just $12. And that's not all. Can you believe it? Come down to Peter's and see for yourself!

  9、 海报


  1. 导演:冯小刚

  2. 名星: 刘德华, 刘若英, 葛尤, 李冰冰

  3. 地点:学校电影院

  4. 时间:2005年11月20日(星期天)下午6:30

  5. 组织者:学生会

  6. 海报发出时间:2005年11月14日



  Chinese film

  Director: Feng Xiaogang

  Stars: Liu Dehua, Liu Ruoying, Ge You, Li Bingbing

  Time: Sunday, at 6:30 p.m. November20th

  Place: at the school cinema

  Ticket Price: $ 6

  the Students' Union

  November14th 2005

  10、 名片


  地址:中山路86号 邮编:100037

  电话:0595-88488970 手机:13501368855 E-mail:Chxin@yahoo.com

  School: _______N0.1 Middle School of Quanzhou

  Name: Chen Xin

  Profession: Music Teacher

  Family Address: No.86 Zhongshan Road, Quanzhou

  Tel: 0595-88488970 13501368855 (mobile)


  11、 贺卡

  教师节到了,全班同学要送一份贺卡和一些鲜花给Miss Green, 请你替班级填写这张贺卡。

  12、 明信片


  Thursday, February 4th

  Dear Mom and Dad,

  We are having fun in Beijing. Yesterday I visited the Great Wall. It is about more than 6500 kilometers long. It is so long and so great. Do you know? It is mostly made of big stones. It is made at the top of the big mountains. Here is a picture of it for you. I'm proud of myself because I have become a true man.

  I miss you.




  Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  522 Park Road

  Edmonton, Alberta

  Canada T2k 5g6

  13、 请假条


  (not feel well, a bad cold, stay in bed, can't go to school, two days, get well soon)


  Dear Mr. Green,

  I'm sorry to tell you that I am not feeling well. Because I have a bad cold. The doctor says I should stay in bed. And I can't go to school. I have to have two days' off. I think I will get well soon.

  Li Ming

  14、 留言条



  15、 电子邮件

  李明要到加拿大上大学,必须找一间住房。请帮他发一封电子邮件给Jenny, 叫她帮忙找一间较便宜的房间(大约150美元),因为那里的房租较贵。李明的邮箱是Liming @163.com, Jenny的邮箱是Jenny@compmail.ca

  From: Liming @163.com To:Jenny@compmail.ca

  Subject Help Rent a Room Date 30/06 9:04AM

  Dear Jenny,

  I'm going to study in Canada, so I'll have to find a room to live in. I know housing is very expensive

  there. Please help me find a room at a lower price (about 150 dollars). Please e-mail me if you have any good news. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


  Li Ming










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